Upgrading to .Net Core (.net8.0)
Question asked by Mick Duprez - 5/30/2024 at 5:43 AM
I've been happily using the output from the XML Data Binder for nearly 10 years but I've come across a problem when trying to use my C# assembly in a host application that uses .Net 8.0 (and/with core).

After debugging I can pin point the place of exception to the root element init() here:
        protected override void Init()
            <MyNameSpace>.Registration.iRegistrationIndicator = 0; // causes registration to take place
and the inner exception is:
InnerException    {"Unable to load DLL 'mscorwks.dll' or one of its dependencies: The specified module could not be found. (0x8007007E)"}    System.Exception {System.DllNotFoundException}
My suspicion is that as this is a old .net framework dll, .Net Core doesn't like loading it (or can't find it) but if I copy the dll locally to the my app folder then all works as expected.
This isn't ideal, is there a way to create a .Net Core version of the Data Binder redistributable assembly?


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Liquid Support Replied
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Hi Mick,

The XML Data Binder runtime (LiquidTechnologies.Runtime) supports .Net Standard 2.0, so you should not have an issue running with a .Net 8.0 application. Note: the Wizard UI only supports up to .Net 7.0, but you can manually changed the generated .csproj file to 8.0)

- I tried this and it worked OK.

However, the LiquidTechnologies.Viewer, only support .Net Framework 4.5. So you will see the error you reported if you try to use the viewer with a .Net 8.0 application.

- When I added the Viewer I was able to replicate the error you see.

We will look to update the Viewer to support .Net 8.0 in the next release.

UPDATE: The option to select .Net 8.0 has now been added to the XML Data Binding Wizard v20.7.10, and the Viewer Nuget now supports .Net 6.0+.

Mick Duprez Replied
Thanks for the detailed answer and confirmation of the problem. It looks like I'll need to have 2 builds until all the app's using my this assemblies are using .Net >2

I'll have to upgrade I think as I haven't really used the wizard/tools for about 8 years, the assemblies have always just worked :)


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