Compiling and running the java SampleApp

To compile and run the generated java SampleApp:

1. Run the Wizard against your XSD 'C:\My folder\mytest.xsd'.
2. On the Select Language Options screen select the "Append 'Col' to Name" option for clarity when using collections.
3. Selected the option to generate a SampleApp and added your sample XML file in the samples list.
4. Generated the java code.
5. On the command line compile the code using the generated ant build script:

cd "C:\My folder\mytest.xsd.Output\SourceCodeJava"


6. Run the SampleApp:

cd build\SampleApp

%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -cp .;"C:\My folder\mytest.xsd.Output\SourceCodeJava\dist\lib\mytestLib.jar";"C:\Program Files\Liquid Technologies\Liquid XML 2015\XmlDataBinder13\Redist13\Java\JDK5\ltxmllib13.jar" SampleApp.SampleApp

Your XML document should be read in, validated and written out.