How can I distribute a Data Mapper transform?

You can run a Data Mapper transform through the Liquid XML Studio UI or from the Command line with either the XSLT or .Net Debugger options. To distribute the transform, you would need to select the .Net Debugger in order to generate a C# application.

By default this generates the C# source code to allow you to incorporate the transform into your own project.

You can also select the 'Generate a Compiled Application (.exe) option in the 'Debugger Configuration' dialog box. When you click 'Compile', this will then compile the transform into a .Net application for you which you can then distribute.

You can change the "OutputFileName" and "SourceFileName" used by the compiled .Net Application by passing in command line parameters.


DataTransformationApp.exe /SourceFileName="c:\temp\mydata.xml" /OutputFileName="c:\temp\myoutput.xml"


You also need to distribute the Liquid Data Mapper runtime file from:
[Liquid XML Install Path]\DataMapperRedist\LiquidTechnologies.DataMapper.Runtime.dll.

If you want to run the transform Linux, you would need to ensure the Mono .Net package is installed on the Linux box so you can run the compiled .Net application.