How do I use the XML Data Binder generated source code

When you generate your XML Data Binder library, you can also generate a Sample Application. The SampleApp reads XML from a file and writes it out to a string, a stream and a file. You can step through this source code to see exactly what it does and how it works.
There are several help sources for learning how to use the XML Data Binder, with comprehensive examples for C++, C#, Java, and Visual Basic:
1. When you install the product, it installs several example projects which can be accessed from the Windows Start menu.
2. It also installs a Getting Started pdf which can also be found online:
3. If you click Help in the Wizard, the help file has several examples for different scenarios. This can also be found online:
4. When you generate your library, you have the option to generate documentation which generates a Windows help file which fully describes your generated API.