How to turn on Debug Trace

If you are having an issue with the product crashing or hanging, it may be helpful to our support team if you can provide Sometimes our support debugging information by turning on tracing to a log file as follows:
1. Login as Administrator.
2. Make a copy of the file C:\Program Files\Liquid Technologies\Liquid XML 2016\XmlStudio14.exe.config.
Note: the path is the folder into which you installed Liquid XML.
3. Run Liquid XML Studio.
4. Copy the file XmlStudio14.exe.config to XmlStudio14.exe.config.sav.
5. Click File->Open and select file XmlStudio14.exe.config
6. A dialog should appear asking which editor to use. Select 'XML Document'.
7. Scroll down until you see the comment:
<!-- Uncomment to get additional diagnostic output -->
8. Highlight the <system.diagnostics> block (currently lines 50 to 57) and click menu option Edit->Advanced->Uncomment (Ctrl+Shift-Q).
9. Ensure the Path specified in the config file exists on your PC (e.g. C:\Temp\).
10. Restart Liquid XML Studio.
11. You should see a file is created in the specified folder (e.g. C:\Temp\TraceOutput.log)
12. Perform the task which is causing an issue, then close the application.
13. Delete XmlStudio14.exe.config and rename the backup copy you made in step 2.
Note: We advise turning Trace off as it may impact on product performance.
14 Send the TraceOutput.log to Liquid Support.