Slow Navigating between documents or editing XML Files.

Performance issues when loading small XML files, navigating between files (Ctrl-Tabbing), or editing files.
When an XML file is opened that uses a large or complex set of XML Schemas the time taken to load the schemas and perform validation can be unacceptable, making the application slow and difficult to use.
Solution - Turn off auto validation
If the XML schemas used are very complex then validating the XML file can still take a noticeable amount of time.
By default validation is performed:
  • When a (XML) file is opened  - 'Validate file on load' setting
  • When the (XML) document is selected i.e. Ctrl-Tabbed to  - 'Validate file when selected' setting
  • A short time after a change has been made to the (XML) document  - 'Background Validation' setting
All of these can make the editor slow to navigate around and make editing a document feel slow and clumsy, so if your working with large XML Schemas, you can disable some or all of these settings.
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