Creating a single executable from the Data Mapper

It is sometimes advantageous to have a single executable with no external dependencies. It makes it easier to distribute and avoid versioning issues if multiple versions of a product are used.
The easiest way to consolidate the transform exe, the transform dll, and its runtime components is to use ILMerge.
ILMerge is a Microsoft product available as a Nuget from:
This will allow you to combine the DataTransformationApp.exe, DataTransformation.dll and LiquidTechnologies.DataMapper.Runtime.DLL into a single executable file.
If your project makes use of JSON you may also wish to add the Newtonsoft.Json.dll to the list. 
Note : If the generated solution contained a DataTransformationApp.exe.config file then this will need renaming to match your single exe (i.e. MySingleExeTransform.exe.config, ensuring its is .exe.config).


Well, this isn't state of the art. A better way to solve this would be that the mapper generates a "mapping definition" file (json-like). This "mapping definition" file can be included and version controlled in my project. Also I would expect that there is a data mapper runtime that interprets the "mapping definition" file an creates the desired output. This "data mapper runtime" would be added (and updated) as a nuget package reference to my project.
Falko Gieseke (June 4, 2019 at 3:40 PM)