Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - Citrix / VMWare / Windows Remote Desktop Services

How to determine if you have Persistent or Non-Persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Please check with your IT team to determine the type of VDI you have.

In a Persistent (stateful) VDI you can save files, change configuration and customize settings on the VM in the same way you can on a regular PC. Every time you log in you will access the same specific virtual machine and all of your customized data will be saved between sessions.

In a Non-Persistent (Stateless) VDI desktops reside in pools, so when you log in, you get assigned a non-specific virtual machine from the pool. When you log out, the VM gets returned to the pool and all the changes made to the desktop get discarded.

Using Liquid Studio in a Persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Liquid Studio can be activated within a Persistent VDI environment with any license type.

Please Note: If you intend to use your license in any virtual environment, you must inform Liquid Support after you purchase your license key so it can be updated on our license server to allow this functionality.

Using Liquid Studio in a Non-Persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Liquid Studio can only be used within a Non-Persistent VDI environment with a Virtual License or a Single Domain Site License. For further information, please contact our Sales Team.

Please Note: Using an Installed license or Concurrent license within a Non-Persistent Desktop VDI environment is not recommended. If you do so, you will need to remember to deactivate your license key before you are allocated with a new Non-Persistent Desktop using the menu:
Help->About Liquid Studio->Manage Licenses...->Deactivate a License

You can then Activate the license on your new Non-Persistent Desktop.

Failure to deactivate the license will mean that you will need to raise a Support Ticket with Liquid Support to have the Non-Persistent Desktop deactivated on our license servers.

More information about licenses can be found in the Licensing and Support FAQ.