Error - The component needs one of the following setting/connecting

This error is displayed when you try to compile or run a data mapping file and indicates that an output value has not been specified for one of the Output components such as the XML Writer or JSON Writer.

To fix this issue you will need to specify one of the options listed in the error. Typically these are:
  • 'Filename' input - connect a value to the Filename connection point (Note you will need to Right-Click the component and select 'Toggle Simple View' to see the Filename connection point). This can be a string value from a Const component or a dynamically created string value.
  • 'Default Filename' property - specify a static default value in the component's properties 'Default target file'. This is a relative path to the .dm file.
  • 'Data' input parameter - used to dynamically pass parameters outside of the debug environment, e.g. to a generated data mapper executable.
These options can be seen in the Data Mapper demonstration videos here: