Microsoft Visual Studio Automatically Updated Liquid Studio Extensions

When a new version of Liquid Studio Extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio are uploaded to the Visual Studio Marketplace, Visual Studio may automatically update the extensions the next time it is opened.

You can see the version of the Liquid Studio Extensions installed by using the Visual Studio Help->About menu and scrolling down the list of Installed products.

If you were unintentionally upgraded in this way, we apologise but this is currently out of our control as it is a Visual Studio feature.

You can prevent this happening in two ways:

1. Turn off Automatic Updates for Liquid Studio
Ensure that you have deselected the 'Automatically update this extension' option for Liquid Studio using the menu 'Extensions->Manage Extensions', select 'Installed' and find 'Liquid Studio' in the list and uncheck the 'Automatically update this extension' option:

Some users have reported that changing this setting has no effect. Unfortunately this is a Visual Studio issue and would need to be addressed with Microsoft directly. Turning off updates for all extensions by following the directions below seems to resolve the issue.

2. Turn off Automatic Updates for Globally for all Extensions
Alternatively, you can turn off Automatic Updates for all extensions using the menu 'Tools->Options...' and uncheck the following options:

Manually Uninstalling an Updated Visual Studio Extension
If the Visual Studio Extension has already been updated, you will need to manually uninstall this from inside Visual Studio using 'Extensions->Manage Extensions', select 'Installed' and find 'Liquid Studio' in the list and click 'Uninstall'. You will then need to close down Visual Studio for it to uninstall the extension.

Revert to a Previous Version
In order to revert to a previous version of Liquid Studio you will unfortunately need to Uninstall Liquid Studio using Windows 'Add or remove programs' and then reinstall it. This will install the required version of the Visual Studio extension.

If you no longer have the required Installer,  you can see all the downloads available for your license here: