Error - Missing connection point

When compiling a Data Mapper file you may see an error message:

Error Missing connection point. The source schema has changed, this issue must be resolved before the transform can be executed.

Note: the same applies if the destination schema has changed.

This happens when you change the schema (XSD, JSON Schema etc.) and remove an item that previously had a connection to another component.

For example if your Data Mapper looked as follows, containing the element "unrequiredElm":

If you change the XML Schema (XSD) to remove "unrequiredElm" and reopen (or re-sync) the data mapper file, you will see an error in the Error List window:

If you double click on the error (or right click and select Goto Error) in the Error List window, the Data Mapper will move to the error and as you can see it displays the node that has th error in red:

Fixing the Error
To fix these errors, you will need to delete all lines connecting the missing node to another component.
In the above you need to case click the line (highlighted in green) between "unrequiredElm" and "Column3" and then press the delete key. the node will then disappear and this will clear th error.