I've just registered Liquid XML Databinder, but its still says the license has expired!

When you run the generated code generated during the Trial, a Trial Message box is displayed but the code will still function as expected. After the trial period expires, a License Expired is displayed and the code will stop working.

When you have purchased a license, you will need to regenerated the code.

Note: You need to regenerate the code after applying the license key, you may also need to reboot your PC.

Liquid XML Objects (C# and Visual Basic .Net)
If you are using Liquid XML Objects, after applying the license key in the Wizard, you can regenerate the code either from within the Wizard or by opening your project in Visual Studio 2017 (or later) and right clicking the XSD in the VS project and selecting the option to regenerate the code. Only the generated files will be changed.

Note: You should never need to manually change the generated files, you should use partial classes or extension functions.

Liquid XML Data Binder (C++, Java, VB6 and legacy C# and Visual Basic .Net projects)
If you are using XML Data Binding, then you will need to regenerate the project from the Wizard, but again only the generate files will be changed. Any changes you made within the HAND_CODED_BLOCKS will be preserved.

If you still have an issue, please follow these simple steps:

1. Delete all existing generated code, libs and dlls.

2. Run the Wizard and enter the purchased license key details.

3. Generate the code.

4. Build the code.

5. Ensure your client is linking against the new library and appropriate Liquid Runtime.
Note: The Liquid Runtime MUST be the exact same version as the Wizard used to generate the source code.

If this still does not work, please send a zip file of your project to Liquid Support.