How can I Activate a PC that has no internet connection?

To Activate the product on a PC that does not have an internet connection, you will need to use another PC that does have an internet connection as follows:

PC 'A' - no internet connection
PC 'B' - internet connection

1. Install Liquid XML onto PC 'A'.
2. Run Liquid XML, you will see the Software Setup dialog.
3. Select 'Activate Product' option and click 'Next >'
4. Check 'Activate Manually' and click 'Finish'.
5. The 'Manual Product Activation' dialog will appear. Copy the 'Request Message' data from PC 'A' to PC 'B'.
6. On PC 'B' lanuch a web browser and go to:
7. Copy the 'Request Message' data into the web page and click 'Request Activation'.
8. The web site will process the request. Copy the 'Activation Message' data prom PC 'B' to PC 'A'.
9. Paste the 'Activation Message' data into the 'Manual Product Activation' dialog and click 'Activate'.

More detailed instructions can be found at: