Liquid XML Studio takes a long time to startup - Code Signing Issue


When running Liquid XML Studio it takes a long time to startup (in the order of 20 seconds)
The problem is espesially noticable when no internet connection is availble on the computer.


The Liquid XML Studio executables are signed, which means you can be confident that they have come from Liquid Technologies and that they have not been tampered with. The Windows operating system will check the signature then the application starts up.

In order to perform this check it must check the root certificate authority and check all the certificate revocation lists. This is normally pretty fast if the computer is connected to the internet, but can take up to a minute to timeout when no internet connection is availble.

Exerpt from Microsoft

Optimize Authenticode

Authenticode verification adds to the startup time. Authenticode-signed assemblies have to be verified with the certification authority (CA). This verification can be time consuming, because it can require connecting to the network several times to download current certificate revocation lists. It also makes sure that there is a full chain of valid certificates on the path to a trusted root. This can translate to several seconds of delay while the assembly is being loaded.

Consider installing the CA certificate on the client computer, or avoid using Authenticode when it is possible. If you know that your application does not need the publisher evidence, you do not have to pay the cost of signature verification.

See Microsoft KB936707

Work Around

The checking of the revocation list can be disabled in internet explorer.

A hot fix is availble from microsoft to resolve this problem see Microsoft KB936707

Applies To
Liquid XML Studio all versions.

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