Installer Error: "Setup resource decompression failure"

When installing Liquid XML you may receive the following error: "Setup resource decompression failure"
This error can occur either when the installation software cannot extract the temporary files to the Windows TEMP folder, or if there is already a file named "mia0" (or "mia1", "mia2" etc.) in the Windows TEMP folder.
This can also be due to your Anti-Virus program blocking the installer from accessing the Windows TEMP folder.
1. Please ensure that there is sufficient disk space available on the hard disk for the Windows TEMP folder - This is the mostly likely cause.
2. Please ensure that you have sufficient access rights to write to the Windows TEMP folder.
Alternatively, you may modify the Windows TEMP system variable to point to a location with sufficient disk space and where you have sufficient access rights.
3. Please delete any existing files named "mia0" (or "mia1", "mia2" etc.) from the Windows TEMP folder.
4. Ensure your Anti-Virus program is not blocking the installer from accessing the Windows TEMP folder.
Note you can use the %TEMP% shortcut to navigate to the Windows TEMP folder, just type %TEMP% in Windows Explorer, and it will take you to the current user's temporary folder, e.g. C:\Users\[CurrentUser]\AppData\Local\Temp.