XSD to JSON Schema?
Question asked by Ian Cullen - 6/27/2017 at 10:27 AM
I can't see how to convert an XSD to a JSON Schema? I assume this is possible but not obvious to me.

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Liquid Support Replied
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This was new functionality in Liquid Studio 2017 - Update 1.
The Tools menu now contains all of the conversion functions:
  • Convert DTD to XSD
  • Convert Fast Infoset to XML
  • Convert JSON to XML
  • Convert JSON Schema to XSD
  • Convert XML to Fast Infoset
  • Convert XML to JSON
  • Convert XSD to JSON Schema
These options run the conversion Wizard which allows file type specific options to be set before converting the file.
If you have a file open, you will also see conversion icons on the toolbar which relate to the open file type. These are context sensitive, so the Input File is automatically populated using the currently active file.
Ian Cullen Replied
Thanks for your fast reply. I'll download the latest version and give it a go.

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