Open GML file in Liquid Studio 2017
Question asked by Momchil Iordanov - February 7, 2018 at 2:51 PM
Hello all,

is it possible to open a GML (.gml) file in liquid studio? I am very pleased with the functionality it provides and wonder if there is a way to open GML layers or schemas in the platform?

Thank you kindly!

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Liquid Support Replied
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Yes, a .gml file is just an xml file.
When you open a .gml file for the first time in Liquid Studio, you will be prompted to select the editor to use for the extension .gml.
Select the 'XML Document' and click OK. Whenever you open a .gml in future it will automatically be opened as an XML Document.
The .gml file should contain a schemaLocation attribute specifying the location of the GML schema. The .gml will be validated in Liquid Studio against the specified schema.
You can also open GML schema in Liquid Studio and use all of the schema tools such as generate sample gml documents, and generate documentation.
Update: I've tried opening other GMLs I have on my PC and now a different problem seems to arise - none of them begin with a "xs:schema" as a root, which is read by Liquid as an error, as it intuitively tried to load the gml as a xsd. When I incorporate it (xs:shcema) as a root and input all the the namespace declarations I had in my original root (in my case "gml:FeatureCollection") and try load the same original root as a first element i get the error message:
3:6) Error The 'htt p:// FeatureCollection' element is not supported in this context.

Why so?

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