How do I open the Large File Editor?
Question asked by Jamie Briggs - 3/30/2018 at 2:04 PM
It's stated on the download page that the large file editor is included with the community edition, but I cannot find any reference to it after installing.
When I try to open a ~55mb XML file with Liquid Studio, I get a "file is too large" error.
How do I use the Large File Editor?

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Liquid Support Replied
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It is integrated into the product, it should just open the file automatically in the correct editor.
Which version are you using? see Splash screen or Help->About
Jamie Briggs Replied
"Liquid Studio 2018 - Community Edition"
Liquid Support Replied
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Hi Jamie,
By default 55MB XML document should open in the normal editor unless it has a single line longer than 64KB, in which case the large file editor should be automatically invoked, as described here:
Would it be possible to get a zip of your XML document? You can send it by creating a support ticket here:

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