Can multiple Data Mappers be stringed together in another File?
Question asked by PHANI VURAKARANAM - 5/13/2018 at 12:04 AM
I have a series of various Data Mapper files. Is it possible to consolidate them all into one file..kind of like a master Data Mapper file that would connect the individual mapper files in a sequence. 

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Hi Phani
You have a number of options
  • You keep the transforms separate, and generate each one as an .exe (ensure you give each executable a different name), then call them from a batch file.
  • You could cut and paste all the components in each transform into a single file, all the output writer components (xml writer, csv writer etc) in the combined transform will be executed (If the output writer components have no dependencies then they are executed in the order they were added to the transform).
In either I would create a project, and add all the transforms and data files to it, this will make things easier to keep track of and also allow you to create sub-functions for any common code.
   Liquid Support

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