How do I generate C# classes from a WSDL?
Question asked by James Brown - 6/22/2017 at 1:13 PM
I don't see an option in the XML Data Binder to generate code from a WSDL document? I can extract the XSD myself and use that, but then how do I use the generated C# classes in my .Net client?

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Liquid Support Replied
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Hi James,
Which version of Liquid XML Data Binder are you using? The option to select a WSDL was added in Liquid XML 2015.
We also added the option to 'Generate a Web Client Interface' from a WSDL. This option will generate WCF Web Client Interface code to enable you to access a Web Service from your generated library in C# and VB .Net, and serialize the values through the generated classes.
Please see the following knowledge base articles for using the generated XML Data Binder code with your .Net Web Services and Client applications:
If you have a current Upgrade Support Protection Plan (USPP), you can upgrade to the latest version free of charge. If not please contact our sales team for an upgrade quote.
James Brown Replied
OK, thanks.

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