Problem when populating Foreign Key column
Problem reported by PHANI VURAKARANAM - 5/22/2018 at 11:51 PM
I have a simple Data Mapper file that is meant to extract Parent_Id from the source table and populate the Child_Id in the target. 
Parent_Id is the Primary Key column. It is an Identity (AutoNumber) field.
Child_Id is the Foreign Key column
The execution failed with the following Error message (I paraphrased it a little to de-identiy the actual names) 
"The Connection point Connector from 'Transform, DB Writer 1, Database, Target_Table, Child_ID'
to 'Transform, DB Reader 1, Database, Source_Table, Parent_Id is an Identity (AutoNumber) column and can not be set directly."
On the mapper, the connector appears as a red line. 
Based on the Error message, it appears that the Data Mapper behaves as if I am trying to connect the Child_Id to Parent_Id. This is obviously not the case as it is not possible to populate a Primary Key column that is constrained to be an auto-incrementing identity field. 
There seems to be an issue with the Data Mapper's functionality here and it needs to be fixed. 
Also, please review the word sequence in the error message. 
How can I make this work for the short term?

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Liquid Support Replied
Employee Post
We have identified an issue within the validation, whereby it is checking the source column rather than the destination column for the identity flag. The issue has been resolved and the fix will be in the next point release.

In the meantime you can work around the issue by placing a function between the readers identity column and the DB Writer
Current Issue
Temporary workaround
This issue applies to version 16.1.2 and below.
Liquid Support Replied
Employee Post
This fix is included in the new point release v16.1.3:

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