Read xml even if it has schema errors. XmlSerializationContext.setIgnoreMissingMandatoryElements(true) not working
Question asked by Maykell Frometa - 5/29/2018 at 8:58 PM
Hi, i'm using Liquid library for Java and my problem is that i need to read an xml that have a missing element that is required by schema, in this situation i need to be able to read the xml as it would be ok.
I see that liquid have XmlSerializationContext and you can do XmlSerializationContext.setIgnoreMissingMandatoryElements(true) , what i spec to happen is that liquid library ignores any error derived from a required element missing but unfortunately it is throwing an exception instead.
What is the right way to read an xml that has schema errors using liquid library?

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Liquid Support Replied
That is the correct approach, can you post the schema and XML files you are working (be sure to include all the files that the schema depends on) with along with code showing how you are invoking it.

If its not something you want to post publicly, then open a support ticket and attach the file.
Maykell Frometa Replied
Hello, i made a post in Liquid Support page but i don't see any feedback or visual indication that the post was successful. I did it twice.
Can you help me?

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