Double click always starts new instance
Question asked by Christian - 1/30/2020 at 12:24 PM
Dear all,

I'm using liquid studio xml editor edition on windows 10. If I have a running instance of liquid studio and I double click in explorer a xsd file, it will open in that running instance. If I double click a xml-file, windows will always start a new instance of liquid studio and open the file there. First way should be default behaviour. 
Any help on this greatly appreciated!

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Liquid Support Replied
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I don't see this on my PC, it just opens the same instance as expected. It seems odd that it works for xsd files?

Possibly reinstalling the application may fix this as it relies on registry entries and maybe another app has overridden them?

Christian Replied
Ok, reinstalling solved the problem. 
During installation I confirmed that Liquid Studio shall be associated with all kind of xml-extensions (css, xsd, etc.) . Hoever, when double clicking a xml file, windows still asked me which application shall be associated with this extension.

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