How to use the generated DLL from the datamapper?
Question asked by Travis Riffle - 3/22/2021 at 4:01 PM
I edited the original thread - and when I submitted, my example was deleted.  It appears that referencing a URL breaks the submit FYI. 

In short, I'm attempting to use the generated DLL in the same fashion that the EXE is used.

I can't find documentation on how to use the DLL to make a similar call with a source/output file parameters.  It looks like I need to populate a ParameterCollection and do something with a DataNode (however this is an abstract class).  I've searched for hours and played with code to try to figure out how to use this generated DLL with no luck.  I'm about to abandon this product and try an entirely different solution - I can't use a generated EXE and must use a DLL for security reasons.  Thanks for any help.

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Liquid Support Replied
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If you select the option to generate the source code for the .exe and the .dll you will be able to see how the .exe calls the .dll.

Please also see the documentation:

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