How to convert Excel to XML, using XSD file to validate and XSL file to transform.
Question asked by Sebastian Hashimi - 10/2/2023 at 9:49 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm completely new to this software, and I'm wondering how I can convert an Excel file to an XML file and then use 4 predefined XSD files and one predefined XSL file, which I have received, that must be used to get the XML validated and styled according to these files before the XML can upload the Tax authority service. The XSDs and XSL files were provided by the Tax authority, and I must use them.

 What tools can help me accomplish this? Any suggestions or steps I need to take would be appreciated.

1- Excel to  XML
2- XML - validate with XSD files
3- XML - Styled with XSL file

The output XML must undergo validation using the XSD files mentioned above and must have the correct style using the XSL file mentioned above.

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Liquid Support Replied
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1. You can extract the Excel Data using the Liquid Data Mapper. There is a demo video showing similar CSV to XML. Basically, you would need to use the Excel Source Component (instead of the Text File Source Component) mapped to an XML Target Component.

2. The XML Target Component uses the XSD to produce the mapping . The XML output is not currently validated against the original XSD as the validation is implied by the mapping. I have asked the dev team to investigate an option to explicitly validate against the original XSD.

3. Would it be possible for you to create a support ticket and provide a copy of the XSL (and example XML document and XSDs)?

Sebastian Hashimi Replied
Hello, I will create a support ticket and provide the XML, XSDs and XSL files. Should I specify some Reference Number in the ticket? Thank you very much.

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