How to format a BMEcat XML file.
Question asked by John Westfield - 7/24/2019 at 4:55 PM
Hello @ll,

is it possible to format a BMEcat XML file in Liquid XML Editor?
After placing two BMEcat .dtd files in the Liquid XML Editors (Community Edition)
installation directory, I could validate the BMEcat file.
But the formatter throws an error message, saying the file is too large to format in memory,
so it must be written to the disk as its formatted. Yes, No, Cancel.
when I try to write to the same or a new file, the error message says:
Unexpected DTD-declaration. Line 1 position 42.

Any idea?
The BMEcat files to be formatted are really huge, GB-sized.
Pilotedit does format BMEcat XML files ad hoc, also other XML-specific editors. But not LiquidXML.

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